N7 touch screen high speed LCD 3d printer with photosensitive resin

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Material - Supports photosensitive resin printing materials.
Ultra-high Precision -it reach up to 0.1mm-0.75μm, 4 times than the traditional FDM printing method
Stylish & High-end - The UV 3D printer is integrally formed with no screws on the outside. It is fashionable in appearance,full of science and technology.The printer cover users colored material to filter ultraviolet light to prevent the resin in the tank from being solidified by the external light source and affecting the printing effect. The cover can be completely removed, which is convenient to remove the printed objects
Quality & Speed - The molding principle of UV curing 3D printer is to cure the entire layer of resin with the light source. Compared with the FDM printer, its speed is faster, single-layer print area is bigger. Its software can also automatically identifies and corrects the incorrect STL model file.
Application- A wide range of applications are available for anime garage kit, education, jewelry design, industrial components, dental care, architectural design, etc