Mainboard for Anet A8, A6, A8plus 3D printer

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  •  Highly integrated one board, to solve the Ramps1.4 modular interface cumbersome, easy to trouble the problem.
  • Optimize the layout of the alignment and cooling design, so that the whole board performance more stable.
  • Support automatic leveling proximity probe, the customer can add their own automatic leveling.
  • Large USB, more stable connection, the interface is more concise, wiring more convenient, more stable work, longer life.
  • PWM DC 3-way output (1 large current, 3-way current, 2 small currents).
  • The use of high-performance low resistance through the Mos tube to do the drive, cooling better.
  • The use of ST original power supply chip to support 12V power input to solve the Ramps voltage conversion chip heating problem.
  • Configuration and Ramps1.4 exactly the same, can be directly replaced Ramps1.4.
  • It can be directly connected Ramps1.4, 2004 LCD control panel, and 12864 LCD control panel ( remove the L-type adapter board ).

Brand: Anet
Suitable for: Anet A8 Plus, A8, A6, Auto-leveling A6, Auto-leveling A8, E16, E12, E10, ET4, A3, A4
Mainboard Size: 10 * 9.5 * 2cm / 3.9 * 3.7 * 0.8in 
Mainboard Weight: 63g / 2.2oz

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