Halloween Stamps With Flexible Filament

Tomas Aceytuno got his Anet ET4 recently and shared with us his first print on it:

I was looking forward to testing flexible filaments with my new Anet ET4 since its extruder allows it. On this occasion I wanted to start from some simple Halloween stamps.

3D printed DIY stamps


First a simple design of some bases for the stamps that I would print in PLA.

3D printed PLA stamps


First I needed some icons in .SVG format to be able to make the stamps and I found on this website: http://www.iconarchive.com/artist/icons8.html

download icons in .SVG formate on iconarchive

Once I had several, I edited them in Inkscape and then export them to Blender 3D. To extrude them and export them again to Cura in .STL format.

icons in .SVG formate


Once I had the seals without retraction remains, I glued them to the bases. It only remained to see how they worked.

glue DIY stamps

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